About Me

I had dream to travel around the globe since I was little. I was always amazed, when my late father read me stories of Karl May, the famous German author who let me travelling around the world through his books. I wondered for his adventures with Kara Ben Nemsi, Winnetou and many more in Balkan Peninsula, Africa, Middle East, his long journey to Far East countries, America continent, and many more. Despite disappointing to know that May had never travel to those countries, my passion to travel is never gone.


Born and grew up in the city of Medan and came from middle income family, there was no so much offers I found in my childhood to see the world. Hence, once I completed my study and started to earn own money, I begun to set my childhood dreams to become true. I still clearly remember the day when the first time I flew (I was scare to death),  stepped my feet in foreign lands, my first camel riding, first mountain climbing (should I tell you that I used cable car to reach the peak?), and many more. It was like happened yesterday, and those memories will always stay in my mind.

However, Instead of keeping it with me all the time, I would like to share those experiences to all of you.  To the ones who want to see the world through my stories, to the ones who have no chance yet to travel to those places, to give them chances to see how beautiful the universe is.

I will not put many travelling tips in this blog, since you can just find million out there, written by professional writers. What I want to share here is my journey in exploring every place I stepped. In addition, since I had traveled to many places since couple of years ago, the posts will not be written in chronological order, instead I will write based on my mood and the first things coming up to my mind. However, I’m trying to make it easier for the reader by creating Menu on the top of the page. Once you click the continent, country and city, the stories will come chronologically.

At the moment, I’m living in Istanbul, the city that I always dreamt to live in. Yeah, I’m living in my dream..

Fasten your seat belt, and enjoy the trips.

Sincerely yours,


Note: All photos are mine unless mentioned. Please don’t use it for commercial purpose. If you need to use it for non commercial purpose, you can contact me through lubis.nurul1980@gmail.com, and I’ll be glad to assist. 

I am on the project to write about my life in Turkey. The blog will be all about Turkey. You are welcome to check it on my other blog: Nurul in Turkey

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