Munich For Half Day

That was midday when T and I finished our visit at Deutsche Museum. We still had eight hours to wander around before catching the train to Budapest. I did not cough that much, so we decided to walk around, just to get the simple idea how Munich is.

We started from museum, follow the street in front of it, with some bicycles parking at the edge of the street. In Munich, as I also found in Amsterdam and Paris, pedestrian ways shared the space with biking tracks. I just hope one day that Indonesia will apply the same in the future.

Bicycle Paring park

Pedestrian and Biker share the way.

T found that the English garden is situated nearby, and we agreed to go there to enjoy the nature and got the fresh air in the same time. While walking, I snapped a beautiful blonde squirrel watching us from the top of the tree. What I like the most from the garden was the Isar river that is flowing through them,  where we could catch some people doing the water surfing. At the other side, line of colorful buildings gave another panoramic that would be too good to be missed. This garden is also equipped with some benches and children play ground. That was the perfect place to spend the time.

beautiful yellow building

Cute Blonde Squirrel at English Garden

Houses along Isar River

Isar River, Munich

A duck swimming in the river

We left the garden and continuously walk. When we walked further, we found the Maximilianeum building, a foundation for gifted students by King Maximilian in order to prepare them for civil service, and it is still around today. The building was built in 1857 based on the plan of architect Friedrich Bürklein.


Maximilian Statue

A fountain that I found it near Maximilianeum

Marienplatz was our last stop, a central square located in Munich’s city center. Since 1158, the square has been the city’s main square. It was founded by Duke of Bavaria, and used to be home to medieval markets, tournaments, and celebrations. Three that I highlighted here. The marvelous Gothic building functioned as the New Town Hall. The building was constructed in 1867 in Flanders Gothic style, made it looks like the building from Middle Ages. While the Old Town Hall, located on the east side of Marienplatz, built in 14th century. When the building became too small in 1874, Munich’s municipality moved to the new one. Additionally, standing in the center of the Marienplatz, Mariensule, the column of St. Mary is topped by the golden statue of Virgin Mary.



A market at Marienplatz.


The New Town Hall, Munich

The New Town Hall, Munich

A statue at Marienplatz

Statue at the New Town Hall, Munich

The Old Town Hall, Munich

The Old Town Hall, Munich


We finished the whole trip in the evening. I was extremely exhausted and the first thing I wanted to do was to be on our sleeping train as soon as we could.