Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #29: Cityscapes

“This city now doth, like a garment, wear the beauty of the morning; silent bare, ships, towers, domes, theatres and temples lie open unto the fields and to the sky; All bright and glittering in the smokeless air” – Willian Wordsworth.

This week, Patti invited us to share us the cityscapes all around the world. I would love to shares some cities that I took from previous visits.

The first one is JAKARTA. The capital of my beloved country. I just lived in this city only for six months. Being so busy with new work place environment and closing the project my team had started, I did not have so much opportunities to take the photos of the city. The first photo was taken from Transjakarta bus stop, during car-free day Sunday. To spoil the residents living in the capital, the local authority had made policies to stop all vehicles (cars, motorbikes, busses) at Thamrin – Sudirman Road, known as one of the busiest business district in Jakarta, twice a month for some hours. This opportunity is used by Jakartans to do sport activities. such as walking, jogging, or cycling which are hardly to do in regular days. The second one was taken during evening, at the Bundaran Hotel Indonesia (Indonesia Hotel Circle).

Jakarta, Indonesia.

Jakarta, Indonesia.

I have never officially visited Doha. I came to this city only for short transit, since I had transit time for more than eight hours. Therefore, I did not have many opportunities to explore the city. The photo below was taken when I was on the plane. If you want to get this view, once you have chance to travel from Doha, kindly choose the seat on the right side, right to the window. And you will be amazed with this view.

Doha, Qatar.

DUBAI is known with its skyscrapers. Well, I think some of you remember how I was  suffered with the heat of Dubai. So, I did not take photos as many as usual when I was there. But I could snap these skyscrapers from the passing car.

Dubai, UAE.

Dubai, UAE.

It is hard to ignore KINSHASA. Considering the fact that I lived in the city for three years. The photo below was taken from Congo River. One of skyscrapers was my home for four months. My flat is located on 22nd floor, and many times I had to climb the building by stairs because of the power outage. It was a good reason for not going to the gym.

Kinshasa, DRC.

I used to hear people said that the buildings in PARIS are so sexy, giving hard temptation for photographers for not using the cameras while visiting this beautiful city. I could not agree more. There are always interesting buildings to shoot in every corner of the city. The photo below was taken from Monmartre Hill.

Paris, France.

I think no one will object if I say that Budapest has wonderful architecture. One of the cities that I wish to return someday. Photo below is showing Budapest for Pest side, (as you know that Budapest is actually two cities became one, Buda and Pest), taken from Buda Castle.

Budapest, Hungary.

Now, I am taking you to medieval city, FES. The photo was taken from the rooftop of Riad Nassim.

Fes, Morocco.

And what about to look at the old city of AMMAN, with Jordanian flag waving proudly.

Amman, Jordan.

And the capital of KENYA?

Nairobi, Kenya.

And of course, it will not be complete without including ISTANBUL on the list. I normally posted Istanbul with the background of domes, or minarets, or sea gulls flying happily above the sea. This time, I am showing the skyline of the city from the other side. This area is called Fener. The area has been a home for Greek Orthodox Patriarchate in Istanbul since 1600. The photo below was taken from the Golden Horn, showing the Phanar Greek Orthodox College (the red building) and St. Stephen Bulgarian Church (the white one).

Istanbul, Turkey.

I do hope you all enjoy the virtual tour from me. Have a good Monday, everyone.