The Deutsches Museum, Look Closer into the Largest Science Museum in The World

T and I arrived in Munich. That was late afternoon, and the bus that took us from Bonn ended its destination at Munich Bus Station. It was April. I expected warm temperature, but not in Munich. I started getting cold once we walked out of the bus station. And we finally found the tram station that brought us to Munich train station. I booked one night room at the hotel where was only few steps from the station. The location was perfect, since we were going to use train to go to Budapest. We hopped onto the train by using single entry ticket. Since we just stayed in Munich for one day only, we agreed that we were merely going to explore places which were close to the hotel where we stayed in. The hotel where we stayed was more like a guest house. The room was small which could be occupied merely by two single beds. Nonetheless, it served us big breakfast for the next morning. So, for one night stay, it was okay.

We did not have fix itinerary for places to visit for that day. We just walked, followed our instinct, and stopped at interesting places according to our taste. My cold was not gone yet. I still had cough, and sneezed many times. Therefore, T suggested us to visit indoor touristic place, where we could take shelter and got some warmth in the same time. Our choice fell onto Deutsches Museum located not far from the city center. Before entering the museum, we passed coffee house where I got hot chocolate and cinnamon cake, then drank vitamin that I always carry in my bag every time I go for traveling.

The Deutsches Museum

The Deutsches Museum

So, here we were. We joined the line to get the entrance ticket. It was not a long queue, particularly if it was compared to Musee du Louvre. We got the ticket for less than fifteen minutes. Located on the small island in the Isar river, the Deutsches Museum is an outstanding place for science and technology. It is one of world’s oldest museum and technology, and with the total exhibition space of 66,000 square meters made it as one of the largest science museums in the world. Its main site is a small island in the Isar River. Supported by the state of Bavaria, the federal government and the German States, the museum was established in 1903 to bridge the gap between research and education, that later aid to preserve innovation within its society. The museum exhibits various cover topics, such as: marine navigation, aerospace, aircrafts, agriculture, electrical power, automobile, and many more, coming from the ancient times to present. Besides, the museum also has collection of boats from different eras. Furthermore, the visitors may end the woodcuts, copper engravings, water turbines and turbojet engines.

Some periods ago, where men still used hand-tools to create goods.

It exhibits a man working on machine tool to make the wooden stuffs

A man was still using hand-tools to do masonry works.

Treadwheel with Rungs. France, 1800.

Waterpowered machine is driven by the weight and current of the water.

The windmill

Machine-tools exhibition

Machine-tools exhibition

The lockers to put our belongings and coats are available. Nonetheless, none of us were willing to be apart form our comfy coats. As always, I got myself was being lost into different eras when I saw technologies used by humans hundred years ago. I could not help myself for not being stunned with the development of technology that make our lives easier compared to the past centuries. I imagined that people required months, even years to travel from one country to another. But now, thanks to technology, we could have breakfast in Germany in the morning, and have an evening tea in Uganda. No wonder if in the future, traveling to the moon will not be something absurd.

Wooden Traditional Boat in Transport Section.

Wooden Traditional Boat in Transport Section.

Another Maritime exhibition.

Eskimo Kayak

The Replica of Viking Ship, it was unearthed in Norway in 1903.

A ship in Maritime Section

Frisia Hamburg

It looks like a cruise ship, isn’t it?

Robust car, 1907.

The Aeronautics Collection

Plane Engines in Aeronautics Collection

Helicopters exhibition in Aeronautics Collection

A rocket in Aeronautics Collection

I believe that this is a spaceship. I found it in Astronautics section. Please correct me if I am wrong.

I believe that this is a spaceship. I found it in Astronautics section. Please correct me if I am wrong.

I believe that this is a spaceship. I found it in Astronautics section. Please correct me if I am wrong.

The Deutsches Museum is suitable for children, young people and students, or anyone who have interest on science and technology development. We spent three hours to enjoy the collection. After having big breakfast, hot chocolate and cinnamon cake in the morning, vitamin that boosted my stamina, my cough finally stopped. T and I decided to leave the museum to spent few hours left in the city before continuing our journey to Budapest.