Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #26: Photographic Review of 2018

In few hours, I will leave 2018 and welcome 2019. This year had treated me well, despite some obstacles that I faced here and there. This week, Ann-Christine had challenged us to share pictures to remind us about special memories throughout the year. The pictures below represent my memories in 2018.

2018 started with my trip to East Turkey where I had magnificent road trip from Van to Ankara with Vangölu Express. Photo below shows Van Castle, fortress and settlement built during the reign of The Urartian Kingdom that ruled Eastern Anatolia Transcaucasia and North West Iran between 9 – 7 century BC for more than 200 year. For more stories, you may check HERE.

Van Castle, Van, Turkey.

In February, I still continued my journey to the Southeast Turkey, to a city called Mardin and known as one of Mesopotamia region. For more stories, you may see HERE.

The Grand Mosque with Mesopotamian Green Valley in the background. The mosque was built in 12th century.

March 2018 gave me a little hard time. The time when I must deal with my studies, future jobs, romance. The stormy photo taken in March 2018 below could represent my feeling.

Istanbul in Stormy Day

It was always nice to welcome April in Istanbul, when the tulips appear once a year.

Tulips in Gülhane Park, Turkey

And of course, Ramadan in Istanbul is always memorable.

Ramadan in Istanbul. Ramadan Bazaar which is opened once a year

Ramadan in Istanbul. Ramadan Bazaar which is opened once a year

Hooray.. Summer was finally here. It was the time to have Bosphorus cruise.

One of photo shots during Bosphorus cruise

July 2018. Good Bye School. The month when I defended my thesis. The month when I completed what I started. The month when I had to say good bye to good friends who I met in the past two years. The month when I said good bye to ‘he who can not be named’ who inspired me to finish my study well. The month when I said good bye to the great professors I met during my study. The time when I said good bye to the classrooms, the parks, the libraries, the study halls, the swimming pool, that has been being my sanctuaries during my stay there.

Istanbul Bilgi University

One of the parks at Bilgi

My favorite corner, at one of study halls.

Istanbul did not only give me good place to stay, but also good friends to remember. In August 2018, I managed to visit Trilye village, a former Greek village in Bursa with Hind, a girl from New Zealand who I met out of my school circle. We met in January 2018 and being good friends until today.

In Trilye, Bursa, Turkey

I came back to Indonesia in September 2018 after two years. That month, I visited my sister in Gunung Tua. When I was there, she took me to Candi Bahal, a Buddhist temple built in 11th century.

Candi Bahal, Gunung Tua, Indonesia

In October 2018, I visited Kuala Lumpur with my BFF (best friends forever) from my university in Indonesia. We celebrated twenty years of friendship, and it is still counting.

Petronas Twin Towers, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I returned to Istanbul in November 2018. It was a tough month when I finally decided to leave the city that had been being my home for two years. I was broken-hearted. Of course, it is not the real good bye. But till we meet again. Thank you for the best memories, Istanbul. I’ll see you when I see you.

Galata Bridge with Golden Horn in the background in Istanbul, Turkey. It was taken at my last day in the city. Till we meet again, Istanbul.

So, here I am in the last month of 2018. At the moment, I am staying in Bali until my fate bring me to the next journey.

Ubud Palace, Bali, Indonesia

In this occasion, I would like to express my gratitude to all of you who have followed me throughout this year. Happy New Year 2019. I will see you in 2019.