Monochrome Monday: Bridge

There’s quote that I love from Mehmet Murat ildan, a Turkish novelist and thinker. He said, “You have to cross many bridges and you have to walk many paths in your life! But what is more important than this is to know which bridges you should not cross and which paths you must not walk!”

The photos below represent some bridges that I had passed during my life journey.

A small bridge inside the Tsunami Museum, in Banda Aceh, Indonesia. The museum was built to remember the victims of Indian Ocean’s tsunami that killed more than 200 thousands people.

Bosphorus Bridge, Now 15 July Bridge, known as the first bridge connecting Asia and Europe. Location: Istanbul, Turkey.

Meriç Bridge, in Edirne, Turkey

Tunca Bridge, in Edirne, Turkey.

Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, in Istanbul, Turkey

Stone Bridge in Wadi Rum, Jordan

The other stone bridge in Wadi Rum, Jordan

A bridge in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Chain Bridge, in Budapest, Hungary