Sunset From All Over The World

In term of taking pictures, I am not a morning person. I always thought that carrying my camera, right after I woke, is not the right time for me to perpetuate the beauty of the universe. Instead, my morning activities was always started by a cup of coffee (who could resist the temptation of its smell) and followed by making a plan on what I’m supposed to do that day. Therefore, no matter how much I love to see the sunrise, enjoying it from the balcony with my coffee sounds more interesting than going out with the heavy camera.

Contrarily, sunset is my favorite part. When I traveled to the foreign land, as long as I had chances, I would love to spend one or two days to capture the beautiful moment when the sun went down. Even though sunset is equal to sunrise, seen from many aspects which I agreed with, sunset has special place in my heart. Isn’t it perfect to watch those vivid colors the universe could give after completing all activities for the whole day? For me, watching sunset is more like therapy. Additionally, it’s also a tool that assist me forgetting my trouble I faced during the day. Moreover, sunset is also the time to congratulate myself for accomplishing the tasks that I set in the morning. Responding Weekly Photo Challenge, I would love to share some shots of sunset that I took from different random places. Enjoy the sunset.

Sunset in Mecca, Saudi Arabia

Sunset in Prague, Czech Republic

Sunset in Mardin, Turkey

Sunset in Istanbul. I love that skyline.

Another sunset in Istanbul, with the light house.

Sunset is also a perfect time to chill with friends.

Sunset in Fethiye, Turkey

Sunset in Zanzibar, Tanzania

Sunset in Kenya

Just a moment before sunset. I am amazed with those mixed colors.

Sunset in Cape Town, South Africa

Sunset in Camps Bay, South Africa

Sunset in Muscat, Oman

Sunset in Muscat, Oman

Sunset in Muscat, Oman