Monochrome Monday: Paths I Have Taken

We often heard hearing people said, “Oh. You’re so lucky. Your life is perfect and you have nothing to worry”.  This statement reminds me of the quote “the grass is always greener on the other side”

And yesterday, one of my cousins told me, again and again, how jealous she is with the life I have. Normally, I just responded it with simple answer, “Yeah, thanks God for all blesses I had”. But yesterday, I was little distracted with her statement, and I wanted to tell her many things. But then, I realized, it won’t make any difference. Instead, I just answer with my usual answer, “Yeah. Thanks God”

When it comes to my life, I could say that my life is not perfect. I have life as anybody else. Just because I don’t show the sadness, it doesn’t mean that I don’t have one. Just because I look like living in my dream, it doesn’t mean I never had fears in facing life day by day.

They just don’t know what it likes to live a life like mine. When nothing feels so right. When I was left out, when I got lost, when I got kicked when I was down, when I broke down and none there to save me. I don’t say that people’s live is easier than mine, vice versa. What I’m trying to say, everybody has their own obstacles in life, everybody has their own paths. And comparing our life to others is definitely useless.

Am I lucky? Well, no matter how it is, I still consider myself lucky, despite all those obstacles I faced in my life. I still have place to stay, so I’m luckier than the beggar I met everyday on my way to my university. I’m struggling with my thesis, so I’m luckier than the little boy sitting next to my university gate, trying to sell tissue paper to continue his life. The boy at his age should go to school instead of work. I’m still struggling with  some sickeness in my body, yes I’m luckier than people struggling for their cancer. I’m just trying to see everything from the bright side, despite all struggles I had.

The lesson learnt I took from this uncomfortable feeling, “Don’t judge someone until we walk in their shoes,”

A narrow path in Rwanda

A lonely path in Slovakia

A dangerous path in Congo

A quite path in South Africa

A never-end path in South Africa

A confusing path in Morocco

A desolate path in Egypt

A path I am taking. It was not always sunshine and unicorn, but yeah, I am the lucky one.