Monochrome Monday: Anonymous Face

When it comes to human, I often found myself avoiding the portrait or faced-direct shot on the human’s face. It’s probably caused for many reasons. First of all, I would like to keep their privacy. Secondly, I was too shy to ask them for allowing me to take their photograph that later will be posted on my social media. Thirdly, the one that I like the most, I would like to guess or make stories of my anonymous object without involving their face expression. As quote said, a photograph worth a thousand words. By putting anonymous object, it could have million words to tell.

To participate in weekly photo challenge for this week, I will compile the theme with my Monochrome Monday where I displayed black and white photographs, every Monday.

Enjoy my stories below, where photographs were taken from various location. And Happy Monday 🙂

I found this little girl walking on her own in the country side of Uganda. No-one knows what she was facing through and where she was going to go. She probably went to see her Mom working on the farm, or met her friends somewhere, or she just had nowhere to go.

Location: Jinja, Uganda

Looking back, over my shoulder. This photo was taken after Fire Dance performing in Kinshasa. This girl looked tired after entertaining the guests by dancing for almost two hours. She probably thought about the pay that she will get that night so she would be able to buy her children some toys in the next day.

Location: Kinshasa, DR Congo

The old man was watching the far away valley right in front of him, while thinking about the times that he spent there in his old times.

Location: Karak, Jordan

This girl was trying to sell the henna to the pilgrims. She used a pair of sun glasses to keep her stylish.

Location: Arafah, Saudi Arabia

I found these men, right by the main train station of Cologne. I was happy to catch them unrecognizable. Look at the man, the third one from the left. I definitely didn’t want to mess with him after having a big argument with his wife at home.

Location: Cologne, Germany

A group of girls walked to the back stage after playing Gladiator performance in Ephesus, Turkey. They were probably chatting about their boyfriends/crushes while walking together.

Location: Ephesus,Turkey

Still in Ephesus, Turkey. Unlike the other girls, this girl prefered to walk alone. She probably had something in mind and wanted to be with herself only.

Location: Ephesus,Turkey

A moment before sunset. A group of people were standing while watching the sun goes down. Guess, what’s in their mind.

Location: Istanbul, Turkey

These two best friends talked about their problems at works.

Location: Istanbul, Turkey