Being Stuck In The Queue Line of Chateau de Versailles

“Nurul, are you sure that you don’t want me to get you the online ticket?” Coralie asked again for the very last time when I told her that I would like to visit Chateau de Versailles.

“No, thanks Coralie. I guess I can get it easily at the entrance door, can’t I?”

“Yeah, I went there on last December and it was quick,” Coralie said again. “But that was winter time?”

“I guess tomorrow won’t be so much different?” I felt so confident with my decision.

It was Tuesday, when most of museums in Paris were closed for the maintenance, but Chateau de Versailles. Not willing to spend a day in Paris without visiting a historical place, I made my mind to visit the palace that has witnessed so many events, including French Revolution in 1789. I felt so smart that my day wouldn’t be used uselessly. Unfortunately, other thousand tourists felt the same.

Versailles is located out of Paris. Therefore, the Paris pass ticket could not be used to get get me there. However, the bus ticket was not so expensive too. I just paid around 2 Euro, if I’m not mistaken, and the bus station only couple of steps from Coralie’s flat.

I arrived in Versailles at 9.30 in the morning and was greeted by the statue of King Louis XIV. After texting Coralie that I arrived safely, I entered the big square, right in front of the palace. But wait, there were two big lines already over there. One line, with the people with the ticket, and other line was purposed for people that haven’t had the ticket yet. I started regretting myself for not listening to Coralie.

Statue of King Louis XIV

So, I went to the first line. It took me an hour before having the ticket in my hands. Then, I moved to the other line where the struggle was begin. The line was extremely long. It was really long and I was not kidding. And it moves very slow. Some people even sat on the floor, tiring for waiting. Some street artist started to make attraction to entertain the tourist. Two toddlers in front of me start crying when their mom forbade them to move forward, to cut the line. In the meantime, I tried to captured some palace ornaments from where I was standing, admiring every details while trying to forget that I’m in terrible queue lines. I had waited like two hours when I got the text from Coralie.

“Nurul. How is the palace. Do you like it?”

“It seem I’m going to like it, Coralie. But I am still stuck in the queue line,”

After three hours queuing, I arrived at the X ray gate. After putting all my belongings inside the machine, I passed the gate, and finally entered the palace.

The history of palace was written back in 17th century. Starting as a hunting lodge, then it was changed into palace. After French Revolution when Louis XVI was forced to leave Versailles to Paris, the palace then became museum. The whole compound is divided into several parts: the place,  the garden and the parks, the Trianon estate and some other buildings. Since I need to pay another fees to enter each part, I just paid myself to see the palace only.

The palace is extremely beautiful, showing the result of talent artist in those years. The palace itself consists of many parts. However, due to its huge scales, I perhaps missing some parts. I will try to show you some parts that I successfully keep in my camera.

The museum of History of France that was dedicated to French’s glories in the past. It’s mainly consisting the painting and and sculptures.

The museum of History of France, Chateau de Versailles

The Royal Chapel, the chapel that was built at the end of reign of Luis XIV in 1710. The design was inspired by Gothic architecture and the chapel itself was dedicated to Saint Louis, the patron saint of the king and ancestor of the royal house.

The Royal Chapel, Chateau de Versailles

The Royal Chapel, Chateau de Versailles

The Royal Chapel, Chateau de Versailles

The King’s State apartment which has seven different part of chambers.  These chambers were used to host the sovereign’s official acts. It uses lavish Italian – style decoration, that was much adored by the King at that time. The apartments were opened to all who wish to see the Royal Family.

The King’s State Apartments, Chateau de Versailles

The King’s State Apartments, Chateau de Versailles

The ceiling paintings at The King’s State Apartments, Chateau de Versailles

The King’s Apartments, that got some adjustment from Louis XIV for his private apartments. It was the King’s private domain and no one could enter without any invitation.

The Hall of Mirrors is my favorite one, and it’s the most famous part of the palace. It was built to replace a large terrace that was designed the the architect Louis Le Vau that opened onto the garden. The location of terrace was a bit awkward and exposed the bad weather in the same time which at the end brought it to renovation to become a large gallery with full of glass art works.

The Hall of Mirrors, Chateau de Versailles

I spent like three hours to do the tour by myself, and I totally had no energy to visit other places afterwards due to exhaustion I got from the queue line.Well, the lesson learnt that I got from today: If you want to visit any museum in France, get your ticket online and listen to the advice of your Parisian’s friend.

Some informations were written based on reference I took from Chateau de Versailles official website.