Amsterdam, From Canal to Canal

I cancelled my plan to visit Keukenhof garden, known as one of the capital of tulip in the world. I must confess that visiting Keukenhof was considered as one of my main “things to do when I am in Amsterdam” . However, I immediately changed my mind when I arrived at Schiphol airport where I must queue for the shuttle bus that would take me to Keukenhof. The line of queue was really long that I estimated could take me for hour just to get into the bus. Well, If I was stick on my plan to go there, I definitely would miss my last chance to see the other part of Amsterdam since that was my last day before continuing my journey to Paris.

So, I returned to the city center, by the train. When I went out from Amsterdam central, I saw that many stands offering the canal trips. I went to one of them and got myself a ticket for more less two hours journey. So, here I was. Sitting on the boat and sailing through the canals,  from one side to the other side. The boat couldn’t be that big since we passed many narrow canals. Even, for some canals, we need to wait for some moments until the other boat passed through. A Japanese man, standing next to me, kept lifting his hand, waving to everybody on the street. I kept telling myself, when we passed rows of house along the way,  “that must be so nice having the house by the edge of the canal. If I had it, I would buy one small boat for myself and I could sail with it anytime I want”

Amsterdam, from the canal

Amsterdam’s Canal

Boat House, seen from the Canal

We returned to the city center. Here, I continue my journey to Dam Square, the city square located not really far from the train station. You could even walk, if you want. It’s a large concrete rectangular square and always crowded by visitors where people could walk through or just sit while watching their surrounding. Royal Palace is located right in front of it. But, I didn’t enter the palace due to my limit budget. Moreover, I would visit Chateau de versailles in the next few days. So I just spent my time by watching some attractions around the square. In the same day, still at the square, some people are doing demonstrations  that I didn’t know what it was all about. But they brought Syrian Flag with them, so I assumed that it was related to ongoing wars happening in Syria.

Dam Square

Grand Palace, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Around Grand Palace, Amsterdam

Attraction in front of Grand Palace, Amsterdam

I left the square, and walked through the city. I started getting hungry and I really wanted to get some foods closed to Indonesian food. I know, people said that I would find Indonesian restaurant easily in Amsterdam. But since I arrived, I didn’t even find one. Probably, that was because I didn’t put so much attention on it. But that day, I was dying for rendang, a traditional Indonesian meat curry. So, you could imagine how delighted I was when I finally found Kantjil, Indonesian Restaurant in the city center.

Well, I got a a very nice lunch and I still had half day to see the rest of the city. Knowing that Van Gogh Museum was near by there, I took the tram and went there. I was still curious with its ‘Sun Flower’ painting that I couldn’t find at Rijksmuseum. Nonetheless, like Keukenhof, hundreds people were already in the queue line, waiting to buy the ticket. I changed my mind again. Maybe, I could go to Anne Frank House, the historical house where two Jewish families were hiding inside during the World War II. But, again, the lines made me frustrated. So, again, I decided to walk in the neighborhood, later I know as Jordan neighborhood, from canal to canal while watching boat houses at it edges. That was not bad, since I found beautiful church that later I knew as Nieuwe Kerk in that location. Oh ya, and I found some tulips too in one of the park. So, I could still see them without going to Keukenhof 🙂

Anne Franks’s House

Nieuwe Kerk, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Bikes are everywhere

Boat House around Jordan Neighborhood

Boat House at Jordan neighborhood

The Tulips I found in the city

I had no other destination, but I still didn’t want to go back to the hostel. I hopped on the tram to direction that I haven’t passed during my stay there and got ridden to the last stop. I know, it sounds a bit crazy. But I often found myself travel with the tram from its start point to the end, just to see how the place is while daydreaming along the way. I was not aware when I had reached the last stop, until a passenger touched my shoulder and said “Miss. Where are you going? This is the last stop”