White Crater, The Beauty Given By Earth

In one weekend, while I was living in Jakarta, my good friend, Donna came and visit me. She would do something in the next following Monday in Jakarta for her works, it means we had free weekend to spend with. So, we chose to go to Bandung, to have weekend gateway and run away from the hectic of capital for a while.

There are so many options to go to Bandung from Jakarta, such as by car, train bus and shuttle bus that you can get straight once you stepp out from the airport. We chose one of the shuttle that has station which was not really far from the place I lived. We left Jakarta in early morning in order to drive in bandung as soon as possible.

At 10 am, we arrived in Bandung. Our first stop was Donna’s sister’s house named Devi. We will stay there during our stay in Bandung. Since it was our first time in Bandung, and we were not familiar with public transport, and considered we just had short time there, we used Blue bird taxi to roam around. In the next 30 minutes, we arrived at Devi’s house.

We got rest for two hours, of course we were still sleepy, we wake up so early this morning and spent most of night by talking (we didn’t meet each other for a year), and left the house two hours later to go to Braga street.

Braga Street

Braga Street

Braga street is a small street located in the center of Banding that was famous in early 1990s as promenade street. This is a place where you can find many cozy caffes, boutiques and restaurants with European style made it called as the Paris van Java. You can also find some painting galleries along the way. We didn’t spend long time there, just to get some snap of photos and continue our walk to  Asian Africa Conference Museum or Merdeka Building.

Asian Africa Conference Museum

Merdeka Building was a place where the first Non-aligned movement conference was held during the era of Cold War.Nnow, it becomes museum displaying collections and photographs of the Asian-African Conference. When we came there, the museum was closed and we just could took photo from out of the building.

Next stop was Gedung Sate. It is a public building in Bandung purposed as office of governor of West Java. The building was designed using the neoclassical design mixed with native Indonesian elements by Dutch architect, J. Gerber. Its construction was completed in 1920. As that day was Saturday, of course the building was closed. So what we could do was just snapping some photos in front of the building.

Gedung Sate

Bandung is also famous with its factory outlet. Yet, I am not a shopping person, we just spent rest of evening by chilling out at one nice restaurant in he city.

The next day, we will explore Banding ab it far out of the city. This time, Sari, Donna’s cousin would come along with us. Our destination was White crater. It is about 50 km to the south of Bandung.

Little rain came once we left the city, made the temperature colder than usual. Due to its topography, Bandung is colder than Jakarta, without mention the rain made us freezing enough in the morning. Journey to Kawah Putih took around 2 hours since it was weekend and we couldn’t avoid traffic jam in many junctions. However,I didn’t mind since the scenery along the way was beautiful, with small forest, strawberry garden with the fresh air which was almost impossible I got in Jakarta. My favorite scene was while seeing the farmers planting the strawberries in the pots. Moreover, we were on holiday, so we don’t need to get rush.

On the way to White Crater

On the way to White Crater

Strawberries Farm

Farmer Planting Strawberries

After two hours journey, finally we arrived at Kawah Putih (White crater). It’s a striking crater lake and one of famous tourist attractions in the the province. It is one of two craters which make up Mounth Patuha, as one of volcanos in West Java with no record of eruption since 1600. It was opened for visitors since 1987, located 2,430 meter above the sea level, makes the temperature colder, around 10 degree Celsius for normal day. The lake normally is white, but it could change its color from bluish to whitish green or brown, it depends on concentration of the sulfur and temperature.

Scenery at White Crater (Kawah Putih)

The area was surrounded by forest, pathway is also available leading the visitor down to the lake. Once you come closed to the crater, you will feel the strong smell of sulfur, therefore if you have breathless problem, it’s advised for not coming to the crater closer. Some shelters are available if visitors wanted to sit, but we prefer to walk around to see the beauty given by earth. Some animals are also there, such as monkeys, owls, eagles. But I found them were a bit shy with the visitors. Public toilet was also available, but as friendly advice, please bring your own toilet paper.

Scenery at White Crater (Kawah Putih)

Out of the site, We could find some local farmers taking the opportunities to sell strawberries, steamed and grill corns, and various other items. That was a lovely day, another experience in nature, that makes me more grateful for what we have on our Mother Earth. I just hope, it will stay last forever.

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