Weekly Photo Challenge: New Horizon

I had a lot of things happened in 2016. The year was started by having my last holiday trips to Istanbul while I was shocked by bomb attacks at one of the most tourist attraction in the city. I was not in the location, but still, I was in the city. A month later, I ended my career with one of the most prestigious organization in the world that gave me a lot of chances to see the world. After several years living in war zone country, coming back to the normal world was not an easy thing. Used to live in abnormal situations made me feel awkward to come back to my real realm. Normal world by definition of most of people became abnormal to live in, until I decided to take another step to do something different in my life. Β That was the time when I decided to go back to a place to complete unfinished dream that I abandoned for a long time.

Here I am, sitting in my room in Istanbul, the city that won my heart since the very first time I stepped my feet in the city. I’m living in my dream and scaring at the same time, especially after the last sad thing happened in the city. However, I believe that tomorrow will be another stories to write on. Tomorrow will be another day. Tomorrow will be a new horizon.

Petra, Jordan

Petra, Jordan

For this weekly challenge, I present a photo I took in Petra, Jordan, to represent my feelings now.Β  Life could be scary sometimes, but it doesn’t mean I have to stop. Instead, I have to keep walking, no matter what, through the path that has been written on my book.