5 Pyramids to Visit When I was in Egypt

Visiting Egypt means visiting Pyramids. Your trips will not be completed if you don’t spare your time to visit one of 7 wonders in the world. During 7 days of vacation in Egypt, I managed myself to see three famous sites of pyramids, and ensure you won’t miss them while you’re in Egypt.

Three Pyramids of Giza

Located in Giza, the other city out of Cairo that could be reached in one hour journey by car. In one morning, to avoid big traffics, after having Indonesian breakfast at one of Indonesian cafes run by Indonesian students, I and Rius drove to Giza to see the most well-known pyramids in the world. To enter the sites, we must pay 60 LE (in 2010. Price could be changed after 5 years). There are three pyramids inside. They are Cheops pyramid (the biggest and longest one), Khafre pyramid and Menkaure Pyramid. They’re purposed as pharaoh’s tombs and have something in common, namely, having entrance at the north side. Statue of Sphinx was also there, that was believed as guard of pyramids.

three pyramids in giza

Three Pyramids of Giza


Cheops and Khafre Pyramids in Giza


Sphinx, the Guard of Pyramids

Sakkara Pyramid

The next step was Sakkara Pyramid or also known as Steps Pyramid due to its shaped resembles to stair steps. It is located in necropolis area that was very well known in the magnificent year of ancient Egypt Empire. Not far from the ruins, located Imhotep museum, showing some artifacts from the past. Imhotep was the architect who built Steps Pyramid in Sakkara purposed to King Djoser, pharoh that ruled Egypt in that time. At the beginning, the tomb of Kings just a stones arrangement called Mastaba. Yet, Imhotep developed his idea to change those stones became monumental pyramid.  To give more description to visitors, there was also movie showing how Imhotep made those pyramids. As Egyptian Museum, camera was not allowed to take inside so I couldn’t memorize some moments while I was there.

imhotep museum

Imhotep Museum in Sakkara


Sakkara Pyramid or also known as Steps Pyramid due to its shape similars to steps

Necropolis itself was still full with ancient ruins and tombs for royal families in the past. Most of them were well took care. I could see that local government gave their high attention to protect the ruins to attract tourist and traveller from all over the world. Some columns still stood steadily and I could see some ancient paintings in one of tombs.

necropolis 2

Necropolis Ruins in Sakkara

thomb 3

Paintings in one of Royal tombs in Sakkara

thomb 2

Paintings in one of Royal tombs in Sakkara

Dashur Pyramid

Last but not least was Dashur Pyramid. Even though it’s not as famous as its neighbours, Giza and Sakkara Pyramids, this pyramid is worth to visit. King Snefru decided this area to be graveyards for Royal family due to its location closed to Memphis, which on that time was capital of Ancient Egypt Empire. When I came there, there were not so many tourists as in Sakkara and Giza, made the area sound and felt mystical. Due to its unique shape, Dashur Pyramids is also known as Bent Pyramids. When construction of pyramid was began, the architect made mistake by using angle 54 degree and just realized when construction had reached 48 meter. According to construction experts on that time, by using that angle, it would create huge and unstable pyramid. Therefore, the architect changed his previous plan and made modification of  angle to be 43 degree which created bent in the middle.

dashur 2

Dashur Pyramid or also known as Bent Pyramid

Seeing all those pyramids was like going to the past using the time machine. Those monuments reminded me of lecture of history of pre-modern architecture while I studied in university. I believe there were hundred other pyramids around Egypt. Yet, I don’t have enough time to explore all of them.