Teluk Dalam, the Capital of South Nias

Teluk Dalam is one of places that you must visit when you’re in Nias. During one and half year of my assignments in the island, I had couples of times to visit Teluk Dalam, which are most of them for my job assignments. Before reconstruction works, the roads were terribly, with many pot holes along the road  and some broken bridges to pass. Despite the bad road condition, I always happily  said ‘Yes’ anytime my boss asked me to do some works in that capital of South Nias. The views towards Teluk Dalam which is incredibly amazing with beautiful Indian Ocean and coconut trees along the road made me forget the difficulty of life in Gunungsitoli for a while.

Teluk Dalam was most well-known with its huge ocean wave. Before big earthquake occurred in 2005, this place was one of favorite places of surfing lovers. But, due to big shake of the quake, coast line went far from the beach where coral start coming to water surface and surfing became danger.

It was difficult to find good accommodation in the city. Therefore, I always stayed at Sorake Beach which could be reached in 20 minutes by car, where many hotels and guest houses available with vary prices. Even though some places are full with corals, due to its spectacular wave, the surfers kept coming to this place for daring their adrenaline.


I’m at Sorake beach, with the wave and coral on surface water

There is other beach, not far from Sorake, called Lagundri beach. Unlike Soraake, the sea in Lagundri was calmer due to its position closed to the gulf. In the afternoon after completing the assignments, I spent my afternoons by relaxing and swimming by the sea.


I’m at Lagundri Beach where the sea is much calmer

Still in Teluk Dalam, there is one heritage sites, called Bawamataluo village. It is settlements covering five hectares of area, located in the top of hill which makes it safe from tsunami disaster despite it’s only four kilometers from the shore. To enter the village, one must pass 7 steps of staircase resembling big terraces at the first part and continued to 70 steps at the second part. The houses are facing each other on front, with the distance 4 meters apart. In the middle of village, there is stone arrangement that be used for ritual ceremony. The house of King is located in the South West side and is the largest in the village.


I’m at Bawamataluo Village

When I went there, there was no entrance fee. However, visitors could pay some amounts of money to watch ‘Lompat Batu’ done by the youngsters. Lompat batu is an attraction where a young man must run and jump on arrangement stone. It was believed that to be a man, a man must succeed pass that stone without failing.


Lompat Batu at Bawamataluo. It’s believed that somebody could be called a man if he could jump on this tones without failing.

When I entered the village, children came towards me, tried to sell some handcrafts and homemade merchandise. Just an advice, do not look around if you’re not interested to buy. Otherwise, those kids would not stop following you.